Mylee Complete Waxing Kit – Tea Tree Wax


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This awesome kit has everything you need to prepare skin for waxing and removing unwanted hair. The wax contains tea tree – renowned for its soothing and protective qualities, leaving you with soft and cared for skin. Professional Wax Heater Tea Tree Creme Wax Pot Disposable Waxing Spatulas (Pack of 100) Paper Waxing Strips (Pack of 100) Pre-Care Gel After-Care Lotion Equipment Cleaner This waxing kit is the whole package, delivering a salon-quality finish even at home. It has everything you need to prepare your skin for waxing, make it appear silky smooth and nourish your pores. The tea tree wax soothes and nourishes as it removes hair, leaving skin soft and comfortable. This product works perfectly with Mylee 2 in 1 Pre And Post Hair Removal Oil and Mylee Disposable Spatulas (Pack Of 100).We recommend all waxes are patch tested before use. Get The Best Results From Your Tea Tree Wax Kit Step 1: Place the Crème Wax in the heater (remove bucket from heater for this step) and let heat up, always test the temperature on the inside of your wrist the wax should be warm and should not burn the skin.Step 2: Next you’ll want to prepare the skin, massage the pre-wax care gel over the area you’d like to wax, this cleanses the skin and ensures there is no oil or residue left on the skin that could interfere with the end result. Wait for this to dry before applying any waxStep 3: Using a spatula spread a layer of wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of hair growth.Step 4: Add a wax strip over the the Crème Wax, and then pull off wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth.Step 5: Repeat until all hair is removed in the area.Step 6: Gently massaging a small amount of after care lotion over the waxed area to cool, soothe and hydrate the skin.Caution: Keep away from eyes, may cause serious eye irritation. May cause skin irritation or allergic skin reaction. Keep away from children. – Black Friday Deals – Black Friday Offers – Black Friday Sale

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